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      In my database, i have a column that contains numbers and the datatype is Float (example: 30.65- 24.25- 14.1- ...).

      I want to use this database in Oracle BI, and considered this column as Measure, and Agregation rule: SUM. The measure's datatype become: DOUBLE.

      When I go to http://toshiba-pc:7001/analytics/  I found that numbers are different and are not Float .. (example: 65- 31- 193- 1- ...)



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          Gianni Ceresa


          Did you check the properties of the column to set the number of "decimal places" to something else than 0 ?

          Because by default all the measures are displayed as numbers without decimal places.

          Not seeing the decimal part doesn't mean it isn't there


          PS: it's in your analysis, column properties > data format > check "override default data format" and set the number of decimal places you want to see.

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            You're right, Thank you very much It's resolved.