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    ZFS Appliance Sizing Tool


      I need this tool to make IOPs and throughput calculation for our client decision... Any way to get this?

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          Martin PRESSLABER

          that's not an official tool... but to be honest, the IOPS were just disks*200, but also this internal list doesn't show write-zilla performance....

          I had ZS3-2 appliances with two shelfs each with 2 log-devices + 1 read-cache and 4x 10g running a db calibrate and we got wire-speed and nearly 200k IOPS (8k).... as long as the write flash area is big enough the performance is very very good ... reading performance comes from RAM and readzillas.... with a bad workload like random-write-Io you will have disk performance * raid-performance in the worst case... caching doesn't work on some workloads, with no storage technologie (.... may be with pure flash $$$$$$) :-)



          - martin