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    EBS R12: How to call a report file RDF from a form button using run_report_object


      Hi ,


      I in process of upgrading 11i to R12. There are some custome forms/reports. In 11i custom forms has run_product to call a cutom report rdf from a abutton. Since run_product is obsoleted I am trying to use run_report_object for the same call.


      Now question is how can I set value for REPORT_SERVER in following call? In EBS R12 how can I get value of  REPORT_SERVER? Is any configuration file has this value?




      Soemwhere I found, the Reports server is obsolete in R12. All reports are now run through the Concurrent Processing server manager via the rwrun executable, which spawns an in-process server.


      Is it true? If so I could not use run_report_object to call a report file RDF from a form button?


      Please advise some options for this requirement.


      Thanks in advane.


      - Akhil