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    Dual Factor authentication for EBS R12.1.3


      Hello everyone,


      Is it possible to enable dual factor authentication for Oracle EBS R12 using third party tools? Have anyone successfully implemented this setup


      I know there was a discussion post already on this but it was archived : Does Oracle E-business suite 12.1 support dual/multiple authentication without Oracle Access Manager or OID or other 3rd party software?


      Some examples of dual factor authentication we would like to achieve are as follows:


      1) Login thru SSO and then you'll be recieving a text thru phone. You need to enter the code correctly to get to homepage.


      2) Login thru SSO and there will be a page displaying a picture and text. The user will be asked to click okay after verifying that the script matches( My bank of america checking account has this).


      Please let me know your thoughts and opinions.




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          The only way to do SSO is with OAM, so assuming you are OK with OAM for SSO and using OAM to extend the login to do a follow on step, then yes, it should be possible. OAM 11gR2 PS3 has an Adaptive Authentication module which basically allows you to do MFA (multi-factor authentication) which include the following:

          • Oracle Mobile Authenticator (OTP)
          • SMS/Email Notification (OTP)
          • Push notification from Oracle Mobile Authenticator

          If you need more advanced features then you can integrate OAM with OAAM (Oracle Adaptive Access Manager) which can do picture and text and kba type things too.

          For earlier versions of OAM, there is no Adaptive authentication plugin, so you would need to use OAAM for OTP features.