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    ASP, IIS,OO4O and Oracle HTTP Server

      I have a windows 2003 server with Oracle 10g installed and a developer who wants to use ASP to load data from a web form directly into a table. From what I have been able to gather, we should use OO4O for connections to the database. However, I am a little confused on what I need to get the ASP pages working. The Microsoft .NET 1.1 framework is already on the machine, but do I need to get IIS installed as well? Can I use the Oracle HTTP Server that comes with the database to "host" these files, or would I have to use the IIS webserver? Are there any issues with running IIS and an Oracle database on the same machine?

      I am sure it is very clear that I am new to ASP and IIS so my apologies if I have grossly misstated things.