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    Improvising the Uploading Document, Downloading Responses in Oracle Sourcing



      Below is the requirement that we are planning for improvising the Sourcing module a little in Oracle 12.2.3


      Current Situation

      We upload documents of suppliers one by one

      We download the documents in the portal one by one.

      We have copy and name the document name which is a supplier responses (document) in our local folder one by one.


      Proposed Solution

      We download every supplier responses documents in one go if we have a select all option there.

      We Upload the stakeholder documents in one go if we have a select all option there.

      We will  just save all the documents with the same name of the document (supplier response) in our local folder,also will be the same for uploading documents given by stakeholder for the suppliers .

      The reason we are trying to have this above is because the overall time will reduce in Uploading all documents given by Stakeholders and downloading all responses form suppliers

      A lot of Manual efforts will be reduced.

      Stakeholders will receive the supplier responses fast.

      Process will be more simple.


      I feel the best option For Downloading Supplier Responses :  We can just tell the suppliers “if they have documents more than 1 ,then they can zip it in one folder which will indirectly save our team time.


      Any ideas/suggestions on if/how the above can be achieved and what will be the best workaround.