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    How to get names of procedures, functions, package variables, tables and views used in package bodies


      Hi, i want to create listing of elements used in package bodies. The solution I desire is to pass (in some code) name matching pattern for example "abc_(underscore as part of name)def*_(uunderscore used as in previous brackets)*" and then get listing like this:


      package_name | object_name | object_type |

      1. pkg_abc_def1_xyz | fun1 | function "internal"

      2. pkg_abc_def1_xyz | fun_out | function "external" (called from outside)

      3. pkg_abc_def1_xyz | proc1 | procedure

      4. pkg_abc_def12_xyz_f1 | pkg_var| package_variable

      5. pkg_abc_def34_xyz_c3| view_15 | view


      How to do it correctly in 11gr2? Listing has to have names of sub(functions/procedures) nested in procedures/functions. Functions names have to be divided between function defined in package "internal" and called from "outside"