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    Concurrent requests hung

    V. A. Nagpure

      Dear All,


      In our 12.1.3 EBS, there are 150 standard managers defined. Earlier there were 100 managers but once the concurrent processes got hung and were only cleared after increasing the number of managers to 150. Today 400+ requests were hung and started clearing when we increased the number of managers to 200. What is the reason behind this? Can someone point out any note/document to understand this?


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          When this happens, how many requesting are running and how many are pending?

          Do you mean that you increased the processes of the standard manager?

          Do you have any custom concurrent program incompatibilities?




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            V. A. Nagpure

            Hi Bashar,


            There were 150 requests running and 250 pending. But even the running requests were hung.

            Yes, we increased the standard managers from 150 to 200 and again decreased to 150 after the requests completed.

            We have 12 custom managers defined. How to check for incompatibility?


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