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    Sql Developer + - Issue with export wizard and insert queries




      I use to generate insert statements with the export wizard in Sql Developer.

      Suddenly the insert statements treats every table column as if it were a string,


      Ex. based on the query "select Idnum, Descr, Weight from Table" (Idnum and Weight being numbers, Desc a varchar(2), ), the generated insert statement,

      instead of :

      insert into Table (Idnum, Descr) values (1, 'Description', 0.0123);

      returns :

      insert into Table (Idnum, Descr) values ('1', 'Description', '0,0123');


      I can't find the source of this change ; tried the sql Developer parameters, system regional settings, nls_session with no success.


      Does someone have an idea of what could have caused this change ?