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    SQL Developer - Querying MySQL tinyint columns results in boolean


      Good morning,


      As the subject states, when I query a MySQL DB in SQL Developer via the mysql java connector, Tinyint type columns are returned as a boolean type.


      > desc status;


      row_id     tinyint

      name       varchar


      > select * from status;


      true     Active

      true     Archive

      true     Inactive

      true     Deleted


      But it should be:


      1        Active

      2        Archive

      3        Inactive

      4        Deleted


      I've tried the same query in a simple java program with the same jdbc driver, to test the mysql driver and no problem there, tinyints are returned as numbers.



      The database connection is set up with the official MySQL Java connector (ver 5.1.39).

      SQL Developer version

      Java version 1.8.0