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    IN_MST_ITM_XLS - Excel-to-CI Issue


      I have been trying to test load some new items through IN_MST_ITM_XLS component interface. I created an Excel-to-CI for this CI and I entered one row of item (with SETID = STATE) which in turn populated into the staging tables successfully. Now when I try to enter another new item with same SETID = STATE, its throwing "Row already exist with the specified keys". And then I found that the search record for this CI has only SETID as key as well as search field. So, does it mean I can enter only one item for each setid or is this a bug? As far as I understood how item load works, both SETID & INV_ITEM_ID should be the key & search fields in the search record. So am thinking this as a bug. Please suggest on how to proceed further on using this excel-to-CI to load new items.



      Sadeesh Kumar.S