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    SQLdeveloper 4.1.3 Unittesting validation query reports date expected, get a number


      I created a unit test for a function with date parameters. The validation queries should use these date parameter values.

      However an error message is given that a number value is passed instead  of a date value.


      The details:

      I use sqldeveloper 4.1.3

      The parameter definition:

      the validation query:


      select count(*) from deelnemer_verd_per

      where dv_dat_ingang= {P_DATINGANG_OUD}

      and dv_dat_eind = {P_DATINGANG_NIEUW}


      results panes gives:



      Does anyone have any suggestions for another way to use the date parameter values in the validation query?

      Is this a bug?


      Kind regards

      Teun Theunissen