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      I'm in the process of downloading the Desktop Datacenter:Oracle on Linux Vmware Kit from http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/linux/vmware/vmware_redhat.html , but the location of the zip file EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip is resolving to http://www.redhat.com/mktg/voeval/ . Can anyone tell me what does it contain and where exactly its located ?

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          Never mind. I got it .
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            After registering into redhat.com

            When I try downloading EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip ,
            I have to go to the below:

            4) Select "Channels" from the toolbar at the top of the page.
            5) Select "Easy ISOs" and then click "view the complete list of
            software channels with ISO"
            6) Choose "Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS x86, AMD64, EM64T, & Itanium"
            7) Select the appropriate "Binary Disc's" for your Red Hat solution and
            8) Use whichever tool you are comfortable with to burn the ISO images
            to a CD

            But still i do not see the EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip

            Can you please advise on

            a. where I can get EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip
            b. if not atleast which of the CDs from the channels on redhat.com I need to be downloading

            Can you please help?

            Thanks a lot

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              How did you finally get it?

              I registered, I followed the link sent by RedHat (https://rhn.redhat.com/network/software/channels/details.pxt?cid=4145), I get told that I'm not logged in (I am though), and when I say to sign in again I get taken to "my account" where this file is not an option to download. No matter what I do.

              What did you do that was magic to get this file?

              Thanks very much in advance.
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                All it takes is one post to change things (that and 4 hours of waiting).

                Finally, it just magically showed up in my list of things I can download. The EXTERNAL file, and the kernel patch (kernel-2.6.9-11.EL.src.rpm) that someone else has already mentioned.

                Sorry for the posts - I thought that this stuff would show up immediately. "Be patient" seems to be the moral of the story.
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                  Hello guys I'm oscar from peru. please help me.

                  I don't know how yo can donwload this file
                  "EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip", alwayas error messages when I tried to do it

                  Or can give please please, contanct me to oso2176@hotmial.com
                  please I need it so much
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                    It's as clear as mud.
                    1) Go to http://rhn.redhat.com.
                    2) Enter the username and password that you used when you registered from http://www.redhat.com/mktg/voeval/.
                    3) Go to "Channels" in the big red bar at the top of the screen.
                    4) Select "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Oracle 10gR2 with VMware Eval" (you may have to select "all channels" from the top menu)
                    5) Now you're looking at the info...click "downloads" from the menu at the top.

                    Don't know if this is more direct, but here is the direct URL once you log in:

                    Hope this helps.
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                      can someone help me with this. I can't get this file. Would it be possible to send me file itself if nothing else works?

                      I tried all the suggestions from forum but no luck.

                      Please help.

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                        I'm searching for these files as well.

                        It looks like they are removed from public part....

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                          I'm a newbie , and i'm try to find

                          Desktop Data Center

                          Thanks in advance
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                            to tmgn12 and all who having EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip:

                            please upload EXTERNAL-RHEL4-10gR2-DVD2-Linux-v2.0.zip at any upload site (http://rapidshare.com/) etc !!!
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                              may be there is another solution provided by vmware ???