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    ORA-31693 , ORA-02354, ORA-01555 snapshot too old while Export EBIZ



      i need a consistent export of an ONLINE, EBS R12.1.3 database ( 30 Terra bytes in Size ) based on a flashback_scn. ( took current_scn before export)
      There are 240 schemas and 35239 tables

      Export log shows following errors for a big number of tables:partitions

      ORA-31693: Table data object "XXFAH"."XLA_AE_LINES_H":"XXCTF"."XXCTF_P20152603" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:
      ORA-02354: error in exporting/importing data
      ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 215 with name "_SYSSMU215_2978801081$" too small
      . . exported "XXFAH"."XLA_AE_HEADERS_H":"XXCHN"."XXCHN_P20141908"  17.53 KB     466 rows
      . . exported "XXFAH"."XLA_AE_HEADERS_H":"XXCHN"."XXCHN_P20151302"  18.67 KB     507 rows


      I checked when this partition was last modified.


      SYS-ebsprd>select min(timestamp), max(timestamp) from dba_tab_modifications where SUBPARTITION_NAME='XXCTF_P20152603';

      --------- ---------
      14-JUL-15 14-JUL-15



      Some are modified same day of export, but still skipped.


      We have sufficient size of UNDO and undo_retention parameter to manage 3 days transactions.
      On querying dba_tab_modifications , i discovered that above tables have last transactions in past i.e in one month to 24 months back.
      Why export skipped them to keep my dump consistent?.

      i think following two options can help me, need advise from experienced guys, with reference if possible


      Option 1. export separtely above skipped schema.table:partitions let say skipped.dmp,
         then import this dump skipped.dmp 
         then import the first full dump with table_exist_action=APPEND
         (my doubt here is that will it skip only the partition,subpartition or full table ? )


               import the first full dump ( that lacks the tables )
               then import second dump ( skipped.dmp) with table_exist_action=APPEND


      Will appreciate help on this issue.