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    How to properly backup EBS R12.1.3


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3





      How do you backup your EBS system?


      We only have  RMAN backup for our database, but we do not backup the apps-tier and db-teir home as needed.

      Is this okay?


      What if we applied patch on the apps-tier and db-tier?


      When do you backup the apps tier and db tier? Is it on demand, when there is change like after patch applied? How can we turn it over to the operators?


      I understand we need to run adpreclone  first on both apps and db, then run an OS tar backup.


      So do we need to run adpreclone + os tar backup for apps and db weekly or monthly?


      Please help how to properly backup EBS systems.



      Kind regards,