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    FDMEE EBS 12 integration


      Hello All,


      I am kind of confused on how do we setup EBS 12i with FDMEE? Do we need to write any Befimport event script or just configure the ODI and setup the adapters?


      What is the right way? Can anyone share proper documentation if available?

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          Robert Gideon

          If you're just getting started with FDMEE, check out a post I did a few months ago here.


          Once you have those basics done, then go into ODI and set up the FDMEE Data Server connection. Then, set up your source application, Target applications, etc. How to do that stuff is pretty well documented in the FDMEE admin guide.  You didn't specify what version of FDMEE you're on, so I linked to the latest guide for

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            FDMEE is certified to work with eBS 12 (GL). You would need to use open interface for other modules. I really don’t see a need for writing event scripts. The script is for advanced option. Most of the cases out of box procedure is good enough .

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