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    FDMEE export with rejects




      We have a scenario, where in export failed for one entity because of invalid intersection.


      We are working on correcting the same and reloading it,but that might take a while.


      Meanwhile, would like to check if we have an option to ignore this record and load remaining data to HFM as this reject is failing the entire load to HFM.


      Thanks in advance

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          Yes, in your entity mapping just map the Entity causing the issue to a target value of IGNORE. Then when you corrected the issue change the mapping back to its original value.

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            Hi SH,


            We could see this entity is not included in HFM only when we saw the record during export step.


            If i set it to None, I may have another entity with the same issue in next load.


            I mean, is it not difficult to find out what all entities are not available in Metadata and map them to None before load.

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              What version FDMEE and HFM?


              how comfortable are you with JYTHON?



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                Sounds like you're getting an "Invalid Member" error vs. an "Invalid Intersection" error.  Do you have the Check Intersection option enabled under the HFM application options?  If so, I would expect this to raise a failure in the Validate step vs. failing on the export.


                Suggestion: Create a catch all Like Mapping that executes last.  Basically, it says I'm unmapped so I'm getting mapped to X.  Usually, this is done to map to some sort of suspense member in the target app - example: NO_ENTITY.  In your case, you can map it to [None].


                The mapping would look like the following.  (Like mappings execute in order of the rule name.  So, you want to name it with the letter "Z" so it hits last.)


                Rule Name - Z_UNMAPPED_ENTITY

                Source Value - *

                Target Value - [None]

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                  Hi WyanSluys,


                  I am ok with Jython as I worked on Import and Event scripts in FDMEE

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                    My issue is I have mapping for this member and it is passing through validate stage. I do not have this member in target application.


                    Eg: AC1001 -> CRAC1001


                    CRAC1001 is in my mapping file.But this member is not in HFM, so it is failing at export as invalid member. Now,I need all the other records be loaded to HFM except the records with account CRAC1001.