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    Fixed issues on 09/09


      Hi all,


      Last friday,the following fixes were rolled out:


      • Search button in the top right side of idea space not working.
      • Social group invites are not working
      • Moderator queue showing +2
      • Search widget not working.
      • Helpful appearing on content other than questions


      Known Issues list as for now..

      • Helpful,to get Helpful star and other visual cues, you need to reload the thread
      • Issues with mobile functionality and navigation still remain. We are working on incremental fixes.
      • Round avatars showing for some users.
      • Editing "Your View" fades the left menu but clicking other menu option leaves it faded.
      • Reputation entries in profile no longer give links to the related content, or link to wrong posts.
      • Multiple Profile hovering can show the pop-up display with incorrect details.
      • Space admins -- widget editing issues under investigation.
      • High Contrast Colour Scheme is barely readable.
      • Space admins -- widget editing issues under investigation.
      • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread.
      • "You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.
      • There are sporadic issues with the images in image carousels (especially when logged out)
      • Horizontal scrollbar being shown unnecessarily.
      • Zooming the browser with the search box open doesn't zoom correct, nor keep the search box fully on the screen (IE and Chrome reported so far)
      • Inbox content not refreshing with new content periodically.
      • Editor crashing when copy/pasting text
      • In News >> Connection streams End of New Updates  appears above "Load More Items" when there are still more new updates .












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