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    What is the ORDS equivalent of the MOD_PLSQL configuration parameter PlsqlSessionStateManagement?


      Can somebody please help me with this ...


      We have been instructed to migrate our system from MOD_PLSQL to ORDS. This system was written before Apex existed, and is totally independent from Apex.


      In MOD_PLSQL there is a configuration parameter PlsqlSessionStateManagement, which can be set to values of:

      • StatelessWithResetPackageState, or
      • StatelessWithFastRestPackageState, or
      • StatelessWithPreservePackageState

      We have got it set to StatelessWithFastRestPackageState, and this is crucial for the system work reliably.


      Question: I can't find documentation on the equivalent setting in ORDS. Can somebody please give me a link to information about this, or tell me what the default behaviour of ORDS is resetting (or preserving) package global variables?