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    Issue in custom Top



      We have custom top set as below in our development server.
      $ echo $XX_TOP


      But each time we bounce the service or run autoconfig it is getting updated to incorrect values


      The incorrect value is also getting updated in context file and default.env file .


      Please  suggest permanent solution so that we won't have to make these changes manually each time .


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          You need to create a custom_top under Appl_top. The autoconfig managed setup  will always  recreate the custom top under appl_top. (/oracle/Appl/apps/apps_st/appl)

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            custom top you need to create under APPL_TOP and the same location give in topfile.txt [APPL_TOP/admin]





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              I am hoping that you did created your custom top by following standard oracle recommended steps.

              Please perform following to get rid of this issue.

              1. Take backup of your application context file.

              2. cd $APPL_TOP and you will see 2 different folder with same name. (1 with small xx and another will be in capital XX).

              3. Copy everything from/to your actual directory.

              4. Stop application tier services.

              5. Run autoconfig and then check defaults.env making sure that your actual custom top value is there.

              6. Start services if everything looks good.


              I hope this helps.

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              Thanks, Nish