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    Migration from OCS 10g to Another OCS10g

      I need to migrate a single box installation of OCS 10g (production) to a multi-box with hight disponibility feature (with new machine names, etc).

      Anybody have a idea to migrate this setup ?

      Best Regards,
      Adail Horst
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          Oracle is still working out the details for an out of place upgrade...
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            Hi, I need to upgrade my Collab installation to a new host too. Any word on how to do this? I can't find any docs.

            Thanks in advance.
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              Is an server upgrade not supported for Single Box Collaboration Suite 10.1.2???
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                There are a few ways to do that, depends on the scale of implementation. For a handfull of users you can migrate individual accounts via outlook, generating then importing pst files. On a larger scale Oracle Consulting have been rumoured to have a migration tool, though i've never met anyone that can say they have seen in working. Also the guys down at Amorvine Global have a migration tool http://www.amorvine.com/ I believe it migrates email only via imap4 to imap4 connectivity.
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                  I know of an existing (but unsupported) metalink note for this. Please ask Oracle Support or ACE Team (through your oracle commercial contact). The guy who wrote this is pretty good, so it might be very useful.
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                    oh, didn't see it's an old request ...
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                      Hello all.

                      What was just an improvement became a real necessity. My server is about to crash and I need to transfer the entire installation from one server to another. What is the best way to to it??? I just need to migrate OID (users), mail and calendar. No need for content services.

                      Any news on this issue or are we left to our own luck?

                      Thanks again

                      Carlos Inglez
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                        Well, I opened a SR on this issue and it seems there is no easy way to do this, since the answers are not satisfactory. They are now schedulling a call.

                        We are very disappointed here, as Oracle Collab is showing itself to be a very imature solution.

                        We are considering migrating to MS Exchage or Sun Communications Suite.

                        If anyone has any comments, please I would appreciate.

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                          you've been advised to contact ACE team through you Oracle Sales Rep some times ago, they would surely have provided some help, now the they've moved to Beehive, that will be impossible.

                          OCS is not an "imature solution", but now it's becoming "too mature" as it will be replaced with Beehive, and you waited too long before ringing the bell. Who is immature ? Oracle Support because they want to call you in order to provide some help ? I don't understand.

                          Though, migrating OID, emails and Calendar is far from being impossible, it's the easiest part.
                          - for OID you just need to migrate contents (users, groups etc) through LDIF
                          - for emails and contacts you need OMT (Oracle Migration Tool) and a partner to operate that tool
                          - for calendar it's more or less a matter of moving the database if you keep ctcalxitemids the same, if I remember well

                          And there's also an easier solution : move all the software and data to another servermore powerful that your old box. If you use the same Linux version, same patchlevel, and same configuration (network, sysctl, etc), it will work.

                          Do not try and implement an OCS Cluster now, if you wan't to move to a high availability environment, consider Beehive, really.
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                            Thanks for the reply.

                            Just some remarks: if I need a migration tool that does not come with the installation disks (as the mature documentation says it should), or even if I cannot migrate myself, like some other suites, I think it is not quite a easy solution. The documentation simply is not accurate.

                            Another point: there is no favor from Oracle to call for help, the support contract is not free, as far as I know. The problem here is to depend upon third parties just to change servers, and all I need is to migrate email, OID and calendar. If it was so simple, it was just a matter of saying how on the SR, but there is no way to make it happen.

                            Thanks anyway.
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                              I do not see where the documentation states that it comres with a migration tool on the disks, and other suites do not provide with migration tools. Your statement is not accurate.

                              The support contract is not free, as it is with every commercial product. The support can certainly help migrationg, but as it is not a very simple task ( because it involves migrating ldap, meeting and attendees, emails, contact and OCS allows various architectures), it's not just a matter of just "saying how", it needs some time and discussions with the guys I presume. That said, I say it again : you're coming after the war. OCS is no more on Oracle pricelists since Beehive is out, and the migration procedures should have been much easier to obtain a while ago.