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    how to customize opera confirmation/ cancellation letters


      we recently deployed opera PMS 5.0.04 and our confirmation letters were setup correctly. we reached out to our account rep and project manager for assistance only to be told we didnt have anymore configuration hours. i am trying to find a how to guide that will assist us with configuring our opera confirmation and cancellation letters. some of the items we need to adjust are below:


      - Logo/ picture: there is a large empty field that populates the message when really it should be a picture of the property or hotel logo.

      - Room rates/ types inaccurate: the room and rate types in the confirmation letter are inaccurate from what is entered into Opera PMS. these rooms/ rate types are accurate and syncing with the synxis/ OXI interface. how can we configure the confirmation letter to reflect accurate room rates and types a guest has booked?