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    FDMEE Data load status and email reporting


      Hi All,


      I am looking for automation to send data load status through email at the end of the load process in FDMEE.

      I know we can get the status from tlogprocess but I am looking for some framework or automation  like If the load fails at import , send an email or if the load success send at the end of the last process. Any ideas / pointer would be appreciated.




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          You can do this using the Event Script framework of FDMEE. For example to send a script after a load has completed you would use the AftLoad event. Scripts can be written in Jython - there is an example in the FDMEE adminstrators guide on how to script an email alert. You would have to evaluate the status of the FDMEE process which can be done using the following code:


          stat = fdmAPI.getProcessStates(fdmContext["LOADID"])

          valStatus = stat["EXPSTATUS"]


          This will retrieve the Export step status