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    4.1.5 is much slower than 4.1.3. Why?

    Vin Steele1

      I recently downloaded SQL Developer 4.1.5.   I downloaded the sqldeveloper- file, and installed it as usual, copying my preferences from the previous version (  I have disabled the Database Migration features.


      I am running the Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1, 64-bit OS.


      Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to use out-of-the-box, as it is so much slower to respond than the previous version. I would appreciate any advice as to how to speed up this version of the application, or a agreement to try to address this issue.



      Task4.1.3 duration (seconds)4.1.5 duration (seconds)
      Open Application2575
      Open Connection (double click)3

      400, then a Vendor code 17002, IO Error: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

      On retry (having closed and reopened the application), quickly got a "GC overhead limit reached" error

      get Connection context menu (mouse right click)< 1

      more than 300, then I killed the app via Windows Task Manager

      On retry (having closed and reopened the application) 5 seconds

      close connection (disconnect)< 1not posssible, as I could not successfully open a connection
      Open Help -> About< 129
      Open Tools pulldown< 116
      Close Application 1more than 200, then I killed the app via Windows Task Manager
      Open Connection folder1177
      Open Tools-> Preferences1171
      Close Tools -> Preferences145
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          Dermot ONeill-Oracle

          Hi Vin,


          Thanks for downloading 4.1.5 , sorry you are having trouble with it.

          I'm on Windows 7 64 bit myself, and haven't been able to reproduce your issue.

          But from your details it does sound like a memory issue. Either with SQL Dev or the machine.


          Just as a bench mark My SQL Dev is running with about 500mb reserved and using between 50mb and 250mb when I check with Java VisualVM) . My Windows processes says 620mb.

          First I'd check I have sufficient memory using Window Processes  and make sure something else isn't eating up all the memory.


          If the memory looks ok we could try lots of things to narrow down the problem , but if your like me and just want to get up and running I would try a clean install.

          To do this I would

          1) Export my connections. Right Click on the connections icon and choose "Export Connections", follow the wizard and save the connection details to a file.

          2) Quit SQL Developer.

          3) Backup your "SQL Developer" system directory so that it can't be found on restart.

              I renamed C:\Users\dermot\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system4.   to C:\Users\dermot\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system4.

          4) Start SQL Developer and choose "No" when prompted about importing preferences from previous install.

          5) Once SQL Developer has started import the connections from the saved file.


          You will loose any preferences you had, but you will have a clean startup of SQL Developer which has in the past resolved some tricky issues.


          Hope that helps



          SQL  Developer Team.

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            Gary Graham-Oracle

            Those are pretty surprising numbers, and fortunately do not match my experience switching between 4.1.3 & 4.1.5, on my laptop.  The times for doing all the tasks you mention do not vary much for me between the two versions.  The only thing I tend to do is install the latest JDK and make SetJavaHome in product.conf the same for as many versions as possible  (in ...\sqldeveloper\4.1.3, ...\sqldeveloper\4.1.5, and so on).   Doing that will override use of the embedded JDK, and eliminate the overhead of loading / switching between multiple versions of Java.  I also am using the default -Xms and -Xmx memory limit settings.

            I downloaded the sqldeveloper- file, and installed it as usual,

            You say "installed it as usual".  Does that mean both installs (as well as their user settings under ...\AppData\Roaming\...) are on the same disk (local disk)?  Something must be different in your environment.  You can use Help > About > Properties to see which JDK on disk is being used, and Help > About > Extensions (scroll way to the right) to see the total registration and load time for all the extensions.  Maybe that will help shed some light, although the total extension time tends to make up only about 1/3 to 1/4 of the total startup time.

            copying my preferences from the previous version (

            I guess you mean "migrating my user settings from the previous version"?


            Edit:  I see Dermot also replied, which reminds me that using a 32-bit JDK will reduce the memory footprint. Good luck with working through this issue!

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              Vin Steele1

              Thank you. That resolved my issue