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    OBIEE cast null as double precision


      Hello everybody,


      I try to create a business model and there are 2 facts and 3 dims.


      Connections are here;


      - Fact A --> Dim A, Dim B

      - Fact B --> Dim A, Dim C


      Also, I create logical level based dimensions for Dim A, Dim B, and Dim C. Then set content level of fact tables as;


      Fact A --> Dim A, Dim B in detail level, Dim C total level

      Fact B --> Dim A, Dim C in detail level, Dim B total level


      After these settings, I create an analysis and put columns as;


      Dim A (which is month), Fact A (one measure: sum aggregated), Fact B (one measure sum aggregate)


      This works! I can see the results.


      However, when I add an extra attribute column from Fact A (for example TYPE columns), Fact B column seen as NULL


      When I see the physical code, it says: cast null as double precision


      What can be the problem here?