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    How to get the MATCH_AMOUNT_DSP field


      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to extracts some data in Oracle EBS 11i in Purchasing.

      I need to know how to obtain the MATCH_AMOUNT_DSP field, but I have not found it in tables, views, and in the form that it belongs(POXPOVPO form).


      Someone know how can I get it?




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          J Reinhart

          That amount is calculated by the form, its not saved in a field because it changes as more invoices are matched. 


          You can get it with a query like this:


          select poh.segment1 po_Number, sum(aid.amount) matched_amount

          from  po_headers_all poh, po_distributions_all pod, ap_invoice_Distributions_all aid

          where aid.po_distribution_id = pod.po_distribution_id

          and pod.po_header_id = poh.po_header_id

          group by poh.segment1


          That will give you the sum of the ap invoice amounts matched to distributions on the PO number.   If you need the po line or shipment added, just let me know and I can show you how to get those as well.


          Hope this isn't too late to be helpful,