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    ER: Supplier was notified when Cancelling Requisition in iProcurement (it should not send if Communication Method is NONE in PO)


      For point no. 2, Oracle analyst has confirmed this is standard function.  For "Reqester Change Order Request" workflow, we feel that it should take the latest value from "Communication Method" in the Purchase Order raised. 


      At times, requester would inform buyer not to notify supplier upon PO approved or the Supplier sales person in charge is on short vacation, since it's one time request, it does not make sense to update or overwrite default supplier contact at Supplier Site, instead, buyer will update "Communication Method"to NONE or change to temporary email address.  I believe this is the objective of having 'Communication Method' field update-able/editable.   It does not make any sense for RCO workflow to retrieve value from Supplier Site Contact email address while 'Communication Method' in Purchase Order keeps latest information.  Please take this as Enhancement Request in future release.


      SR 3-12962267851 -- Oracle Analyst's advice


      1) If user cancel PO individually instead of cancelling from requisition, the

      communication method will be decided by the user. For example, search out

      the PO in PO summary form, use the Control function in menu, then you can

      choose the communication method that you prefer.


      2) If user cancelling PO by submitting cancel requisition request, then the

      Change Request workflow will be launched and the PO will be communicated with

      the default method you set in supplier site. This workflow is designed in

      this way since 11i. If customer need the workflow to be enhanced, please log

      a Enhance Request (ER) against iProcurement team (398) with detail business

      requirement, iP team and product manager will review the request and follow



      This is the intended functionality. For change requirement please consider logging an ER as described in step 2 above.