ORDS Secure Partial Patterns


    Having full path: schema/modul1/clients/:client_id/resources1/:resources1/resources2/:resources2

    With GETs for:

    --> schema/modul1/clients/:client_id

    --> schema/modul1/clients/:client_id/resources1/:resources1

    --> schema/modul1/clients/:client_id/resources1/:resources1/resources2/:resources2


    So we want public users to be able to access path "schema/modul1/clients/:client_id" but when trying to go further "schema/modul1/clients/:client_id/resources1/:resources1" to be prompted to authenticate? How can we protect/secure just the detailed path, just the last part of the path?


    Using ORDS.DEFINE_PRIVILEGE, all paths need authentication.