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    OBIEE 12c Default Password encryption?



      I've configured a Read-Only SQL Authenticator to authenticate OBIEE user login against user details from database tables which is working bar the password decryption. However the users password set in the db table has been encrypted by a third party application using the PBKDF Salted encryption which OBIEE does not recognize.

      I want to test out what encrypted hashed values OBIEE will recognize via the RO SQL Authenticator.  I've encrypted a test user's password using SHA-1 encryption and inserted it into the password column in the users database table, which I thought OBIEE would recognizing but login fails.

      I've read here 3 Using Alternative Authentication Providers  (step 10) that OBIEE default algorithm is SHA-1 and assumed OBIEE should recognize the SHA-1 hashed value I provided.


      Anyone know if this is possible to provide OBIEE with the hash value or has any ideas on what the default Hashing OBIEE uses?