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    google web api in JDeveloper 10g

      Hi, I was trying to run the googleSearch web api using JDeveloper 10g as per the following tutorial.


      But when I give the path of the WSDL , I get the error

      "Invalid WSDL document URL location"

      I then downloaded the API files from google, and then gave the path of the local WSDL file. It compiled withour errors but when I run it I get the following error :

      D:\Oracle\OraBPELPM_1\jdk\bin\javaw.exe -client -classpath D:\Jdeveloper\jdevhome\jdev\mywork\WebServiceClient\WSClient\classes;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\jdev\lib\jdev-rt.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\soap\lib\soap.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\lib\xmlparserv2.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\jlib\javax-ssl-1_2.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\jlib\jssl-1_2.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\j2ee\home\lib\activation.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\j2ee\home\lib\mail.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\j2ee\home\lib\http_client.jar;D:\oracle\OraBPELPM_1\integration\jdev\lib\xmlcomp.jar google.search.GoogleSearchServiceStub
      [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:IOException; msg=api.google.com: api.google.com; targetException=java.net.UnknownHostException: api.google.com: api.google.com]

           at oracle.soap.transport.http.OracleSOAPHTTPConnection.send(OracleSOAPHTTPConnection.java:774)

           at org.apache.soap.rpc.Call.invoke(Call.java:261)

           at google.search.GoogleSearchServiceStub.doGoogleSearch(GoogleSearchServiceStub.java:108)

           at google.search.GoogleSearchServiceStub.main(GoogleSearchServiceStub.java:40)

      Process exited with exit code 0.

      Any idea what is wrong ?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Based on the error "java.net.UnknownHostException". I think you have some issue with your internet connection to reach the Google server (api.google.com).

          Could you check if you can ping from your command line window?
          You may need to set a proxy to run the application, to be able to connect to the internet from your intranet. To set the proxy from JDeveloper: Menu > Tools > Preferences > Web Browser & Proxy

          Tugdual Grall
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            I had this problem earlier and, as Tugdual Grall has pointed out, it is a problem with the Porxy Settings in the JDeveloper.

            Another thing to watch out - If you are using JDEV 10.1.3, you may not be able to use the HTTP Analyzer as it interferes with the Internet Proxy Settings ( It was called the TCP Monitor in the earlier JDEV versions ).


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              But my primary problem still remains.
              When I try to create a stub / skeleton and give the url of a WSDL like


              I get the error :

              WSDL validation failed with the following exception :
              The WSDL document location url is invalid.

              There is no proxy settings in my Internet Explorer Connections Tab - > Lan Settings tab. The "use automatic configuration scripts" check box is enabled and and some path ot pac.pac is given.

              In Jdeveloper I tried
              1. unchecking "Use HTTP Proxy Server" check box
              2. checking the check box and leaving the HTTP Proxy and Port blank

              Both in both the cases, I get the same invalid URL error.
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                Your IE setting "use automatic configuration scripts" implies that you are indeed using a proxy to reach external sites. I also use a script - try opening the script file and you should see the proxy server name and port no.

                In Tools > Preferences > Web Browser Proxy
                add the server name and port and any exceptions (such as localhost|your IP|your machine name)

                This works for me


                Susan Duncan
                JDeveloper Web Services
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                  Dear All,
                  I'm not getting the "Web services Stub/Skeleton" option in any of the categories under new gallery. I think the screenshot on this website are from old version of Jdev.

                  Please help. How to generate client for this search api.

                  Many thanks,
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                    You are correct, this was written for an older version of JDeveloper. To generate a client class to call a service in JDeveloper 10g use the menu option: Business Tier -> Web Services -> Web Service Proxy