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    Retrict multiple login in EBS


      Hi ALL


      EBS R12.1.3




      I want to restrict muliple login in our EBS.


      Is the following procedure  to restrict mulitple logins in EBS correct?


      1. Login as Workflow Web Administrator Responsibility –> Click Administration.
      2. Please note the user name in the “Workflow System Administrator” field.
      3. Logout from Oracle Applications.
      4. Now Login with the above mentioned user name.
      5. Select Workflow Web administrator Responsibility –> Click Business Events.
      6. Search for the Business event oracle.apps.icx.security.session.created
      7. Click on the icon from update column
      8. Set the status of the event to enable
      9. Retest the multiple logins per user id.

      Please help...


      Kind regards,