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    Listener.Ora file is not found


      Hi All,


      I have installed Oracle 11g on windows 10 but not able to connect to the database.

      I have facing issue related to Sql Developer connection which is common Error as :


      The Network adaptor could not establish the connection.

      In my case i dont find the file named as listener.ora not tns file.

      Also i am not getting the path in C drive for Oracle to find the Listener.ora file.

      I tried connecting to listener.ora file from command prompt but the message is coming as

      C:\Windows\system32>lsnrctl status

      'lsnrctl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

      operable program or batch file.


      Also Oracle services are not working when i go to Task manager and check the same.


      Do i need to install oracle 12c for windows 10???


      Can someone explain me what is the issue or cause for getting such problems.


      Urgent help needed!!


      Thanks in advance.

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          When you say you've installed Oracle 11g, what exactly did you install?  The whole database? The client software?  A specific tool e.g. SQL Developer? or what exactly?


          (p.s. you posted in SQL Developer space, is your question specific to that product?)

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            Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle



            There is a netca wizard for configuring the oracle network

            If you are the client (as opposed to the database server) in sqldev you just need to fill in host port and service name.

            With sqlplus (+EZ_CONNECT enabled) - sqlplus username/password@host:port/servicename

            Listener.ora does not change much between machines, except for host port and (service or sid) (host can be

            - for listening on all ethernet adaptors - minor change necessary to remotely startup the database (it needs to know SID and ORACLE_HOME)).



            SQLDeveloper and sqlplus - allow beq (local non listener) connections if

            ORACLE_HOME LD_LIBRARY_PATH ORACLE_SID maybe more are set.   (No username password = mostly needs to be privileged user)


            sqlplus /

            sqlplus username/password

            or sqlplus sys/password as sysdba



            (There may be better forums to ask on for non SQLDeveloper, configuration issues.).



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