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    Customizing SQLFORMAT HTML output

    Raj Jamadagni

      Are there any settings available to customize css when generating html output using set sqlformat html ?


      e.g. if I need to disable 'search' functionality, set specific font etc? I have a report that has over 5-6 inidvidual sql statements, the output of which I'd like to combine in a report (it displays the status of latest release deployment) and while using simplest method, noticed that each html table has search option. Hence thought of asking if there is an option to disable that in either 4.1.3 or 4.2EA.


      Now, I know it can be done in a pl/sql block (which i have already tested) but it means making additional direct grants on some sys views when deployed to prod, using a simple option like (set sqlformat) the script remains simple and portable.


      Thanks in advnace