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    EBS R12.2.5 ISG setup in SOA Cluster


      Hi ,


      We have EBSR12.2.5 ( Multi Node) and SOA 11g configured cluster with F5 setup .


      We are implementing EBS R12.2.5 ISG in SOA Cluster environment, but I'm not clear with MOS for SOA Cluster case., Please let me know Which URL we need to give for SOA Cluster.


      • External URL of SOA Suite SOA Managed Server :

      Provide the Oracle SOA Suite managed server URL in the format of protocol://managed_server_hostname:managed_server_port, for example http://host01.example.com:8001

      Note: If your instance is configured with multiple SOA nodes, provide SOA cluster URL.
      • External URL of SOA Suite Admin Server :

      Provide the Oracle SOA Suite administration server in the format of protocol://admin_server_hostname:admin_server_port, for example http://host01.example.com:7001.

      Note: For Oracle SOA Suite configured with multiple nodes, if the Oracle SOA Suite WebLogic administration server is configured with virtual host, provide the virtual host and port of that administration server.