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    Triplify object properties without rdf:type triples in R2RML




      I have the following R2RML mapping in which I'm trying to create an object property between classes C2 and C1. This mapping generates the object property triples + the rdf:type triples for class C1 because of the rr:class statement.


      I would like to generate ONLY the object properties, without rdf:type triples. However, if I remove the rr:class from C1, the object properties are not mapped either.


      So, is there a way to map only the object properties?



        rr:logicalTable [ rr:tableName "C1" ] ;

        rr:subjectMap [

          rr:template <http://ex.com/C1/{ID_C1}> ;

          rr:class <http://ex.com/C1>

        ] .


        rr:logicalTable [ rr:tableName "C2" ] ;

        rr:subjectMap [ rr:template <http://ex.com/C2/{ID_C2}> ] ;

        rr:predicateObjectMap [

          rr:predicate <http://ex.com/C2#ID_C1> ;

          rr:objectMap [

            rr:parentTriplesMap <http://mapping.org/C1> ;

            rr:joinCondition [

              rr:child "ID_C1" ;

              rr:parent "ID_C1"



        ] .


      Thanks in advance,