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    Caught Myself - About to "Apologize" for Disagreeing with a Male Colleague

    Helen J Sanders

      So this just happened...

      I'm collaborating with our friend Jeff Smith on a webinar we are doing together on using SQL Developer - for the higher ed community- and he was seeing a certain point one way - and I saw it another way.


      In the past  - lets' say at least 3 years ago - I would have bitten my tongue, acquiesced and agreed he probably knew best. BUT having becoming a leader in my own right, I pushed the "old me" aside, shoved down the urge to let him have his way, and even to say, "I'm sorry, but I think we should do it this way" - and instead stood my ground in an assertive, positive, strong way, and we have come to a mutual agreement.


      Those of us who know Jeff are well aware that he is a promoter of, and supporter of women in tech, and one of my own personal mentors. Yet even in this situation - where I was planning with a colleague on equal ground - I STILL had the urge to suck it up and swallow what I was truly thinking - falling into what was comfortable. But I overcame the urge to please.


      I attribute my current backbone to knowing the WIT role models from the Oracle community, who support and promote each other. I'm proud to be a member of this community,