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    Problems accesing the same Form


      Hello Community,


      We are running EBS R12.1.1


      We are having a issue with some of our users. Three of our users lets say User A, User B and User C are having problems connecting to the same responsibility at the same time.


      Let's say User A is currently working with transactions in the Receivables responsibility and then user B wants to use the same responsibility (in this case Receivables)  but is unable to open the application forms (it just keep loading but does not open) while user A is using it. If user A closes the receivables responsibility, then user B is able to use receivables. This also happens vice-versa.


      Same goes for user B and user C, but in this case it is the payables Responsibility.


      Any idea why this is happening?

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          Is this just on the one form, or on any form? Is one user able to access one form and another user access a different form?

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            This is happening when users try to access the same form. For example if user A and user B want to access 'transactions' in the receivables responsibility at the same time, only one of them is able to access transactions, and the other user is not able to open the forms.


            But when one user acceses 'transactions' and the other one accesses let's say 'receipts' the problem does not occurr.

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              Sounds like it might be due to locking. Have you any customisations or personalizations, or anything in custom.pll?


              Have two users do this, and then run the following query on the database:


                SELECT  DECODE(


                          2, 'Row Sh', -- Row Share

                          3, 'Row Ex', -- Row Exclusive

                          4, 'Sh', -- Share

                          5, 'Sh Row Ex', -- Share Row Exclusive

                          6, 'Ex', -- Exclusive




                        dbo.object_type obj_type,

                        dbo.owner owner,

                        dbo.object_name obj_name,

                        vs.sid w_sid,

                        vs.osuser w_os_user,

                        vs.username w_user_name,

                        vs.module w_module,

                        vs.logon_time w_lo_time,

                        vs1.sid b_sid,

                        vs1.username blocked_by,

                        vs1.osuser b_os_user,

                        vs1.module b_module,

                        vs1.logon_time b_lo_time,

                        vs.program prog,

                        vs.status status,

                        vs.seconds_in_wait w_secs,

                        vs.machine machine

                  FROM  v$locked_object vlo,

                        sys.v_$session vs,

                        sys.v_$session vs1,

                        all_objects dbo

                 WHERE  vs.sid = vlo.session_id

                    AND vs1.sid(+) = vs.blocking_session

                    AND dbo.object_id = vlo.object_id

                   AND vs.status = 'ACTIVE'

                   AND vs1.sid IS NOT NULL

              ORDER BY  vs.status,


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                Similar issue faced yesterday for a client, what we done is checked the table in form level and used below query and killed the session.

                Issue resolved for us.


                select do.owner











                from dba_locks dl

                       ,dba_objects do

                       ,v$session v   

                --where do.object_name ='WF_NOTIFICATIONS'

                   --and do.object_type='TABLE'

                   and dl.lock_id1 = do.object_id

                   and v.sid = dl.session_id;




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                  There are no customisations in the Custom.pll file

                  And the query is not returning any rows.

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                    The query is not returning any rows.

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                      That's interesting then; the problem points towards database lock waits, however no locks are found. I presume you ran the query at the time when a user was experiencing the "lock out" and not just randomly? The reason for asking about custom.pll is you may have had some kind of custom auditing functionality enabled.