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    Git annoyances: no refresh after checkout, finding outgoing changes is slow


      I really like many of the features SQL Developer offers for interacting with Git, except for two very common operations; local checkout and finding outgoing changes.

      If I checkout (switch) from one local branch to another, the local branch tree is not automatically updated. This has been reported earlier: SQL Developer Git Checkout not refreshing on screen?

      When it comes finding outgoing changes, (the Pending Changes (GIT) panel), it can be running "forever" searching for outgoing changes. This occurs for instance if I have the Pending Changes (GIT) panel open and checkouts from one local branch to another.
      In general, I find the search for outgoing changes too be very slow compared to how fast a "git status" command executes in a Git command shell or my GitHub Desktop GUI tool.


      I have tested on versions 4.1.3, 4.1.5 and 4.2EA