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    Moving PROD - DB 11gR1 + EBS 12.1.3 from Virtual to physical



      DB -  ent

      EBS - 12.1.3


      DB size - 550gb


      OS - RHEL 5.4 64bit

      KERNEL - 2.6.18-155.el5 x86_64


      Physical server - HP ProLiant DL380 G6

      Storage - 6 disk Raid 5

      Downtime - Can take 24-48hrs (weekend) also several times during weekend before actual implementation after testing.

      Directory and Partition mount point - will be created same as source (check below point 3)


      Note - 

      1) DB+EBS on same server i.e Single server

      2) V2P will not be done by Virtualization team. They say that doesn't happen. So consider it Has no option.

      3) Parition mount points - It will be created same to avoid rman restore and many other things like customization, ftp and stuff don't want to change data files and

      4) Many customization are there So DBUA option and stuff will create more problems than help.

      5) Same architecture same Os version same kernel.. Just Virtual to physical so drivers and stuff OS related will create issues. NO UPGRADE WILL BE DONE DURING MIGRATION Also No Transformation.

      6) Same SID,HOSTNAME will be preferred to avoid updating several clients knowledge. (Optional)


      Task : Want to move from Virtual to Physical (stated above). I would like to know the easiest method to migrate to new server. I need advice for the same.



      1) OS issue - Have to install new OS but is not Compatible with 5.4 + linux or 2.6.18+ kernel. So stuck with 5.4

      Also the current Physical server doesn't consist of any partition or os. I am thinking of using Oracle Linux 5.4 in place of RHEL 5.4 because of few issues on like ISO availability, repo, etc

      2) Want to know the easiest method to copy user,groups,ftp, etc in short of the setting IF THERE IS ANY METHOD than please state.

      3) Want you guys use to backup the OS ? like clonezilla is there any other alternative for Physical server (not virtual)

      4) Crucial : Storage is there any better way to create parition ? i mean alignment, block size etc ?  I have read that this particular kernel and db version doesn't support much of the OS disk enhancement parameter or settings. Can anyone tell me how to create an efficient Partition with parted or fdisk.



      1) What is the simplest method to migrate to new server via COLD BACKUP? What are the exact step to do COLD BACKUP restore ?

      2) If suppose (due to datafiles moving) time and network speed factor becomes bottleneck than RMAN tape backup (of data) but take Coldbackup copy of Oracle home and EBS will suffix ? if yes than how exactly ?

      3) Will i need to relink the Oraclehome binary ?  Will i have to run Autoconfig on both after relink ?

      4) Have to do anything similar things for EBS ?

      5) In this coldbackup scenario can i also do Incremental RMAN backup application to DB after selecting ACTUAL config and doing full restore but before starting apply incremental.

      6) Will standby solution will be better in this situation ?




      1) What will be the easiest method to benchmark DISK io completely as per Oracle Database




      What i did before posting

      Have read different method of restore but i am not able to find this particular case as of mien (using cold backup).

      Have read about RMAN different methods (Liked it)

      Standby methods, (Liked it)

      CTAS (not applicable)

      Import export (not applicable)

      Golden gate (Additional License not applicable)

      Read about Disk Alignment via official and non official sources

      Cold backup Cloning


      Why i made this thread

      Every thing i did is theory (never did v2p) i want some one who did it practically to comment and help in plan out So to avoid error and time lag.

      I also needs tips and tricks from Gurus in this situation.


      I hope i didn't miss out anything.


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