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    User Types in Oracle EBS




      does anyone know what  the equivalent of the User Type from SAP is in Oracle EBS?


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          I don't know SAP but Oracle doesn't really designate users as "Types" - what it does is hold responsibilities/roles against a user which state what the user can do. So you might have a user with a role "Purchasing Administrator" which gives you an idea of their type, but they might also have "System Administrator" too. If you use HR then you can utilize some of those structures to represent the "type" of user in terms of employee, contingent, or at a lower level.


          Probably best giving an example and what you are trying to achieve and we can then advise on how/if Oracle deals with that.

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            Thanks for your answer.

            As example SAP has a User Type "System" where its purpose is: Background processing and communication within a system (such as RFC users for ALE, Workflow, TMS, and CUA).

            So i am looking for something to analyze how automated a specific process is in order to distinguish between automated and manual entries in the system.

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              Ok, Oracle EBS doesn't really work like that. There are some "internal" users such as SYSADMIN, however the utilisation of these for automated processing is down to the specific client implementation. In terms of determining whether something is a manual entry in the system or automatic then it's not really a "scientific" way of doing it. An extremely (like really extremely) crude way of highlighting when something might be automatic is when the user_id is under 1000.