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    MO:Security Profile Issue


      Following the SQL command used to register application

      exec fnd_mo_product_init_pkg.register_application('XBOL',                                           'SYSADMIN',  'Y'); 



      1) My question is that is there any way that we can register this application('PO'/'AP'/AR') from front end ? From Oracle apps forms and not from database?

      2) If somebody changed profile MO:Security Profile for responsibility level then how to identify what was old value?

      3) From one responsibility concurrent program was working till last week and suddenly it started giving me error? I would like to see is there anybody changed the profile option or did anybody re-register the application?

      APP-FND-02938: Multi-organization routine failed to initialize a session for
      the product:  &PRODUCT.




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          1) What is your apps release? Any specific reason for not registering it from the application?

          2) You cannot know the old value unless you have enabled Audit Trail. At least check the last_update_date and last_updated_by columns to verify who changed it.

          3) Does your custom application exist in fnd_mo_product_init?




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            I did not find the rows in the table fnd_mo_product_init to see what was the last_update_date.

            It. is R12. I would like to know from where we can register the application 'XXXX'? from which responsibility?

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              I meant to check the last update date in fnd_profile_option_values.

              What exact release are you using? (select release_name from fnd_product_groups;)

              If you are on 12.0.x or 12.1.x then you can register a new application from the System Administrator or Application Developer responsibilities.




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                1) No, fnd_mo_product_init_pk is required to be run on the db. No such form etc exists.


                2) Unless you have AuditTrail enabled on fnd_profile_option_values then you might be out of luck. If it was a recent change then you could try using flashback (Select * From fnd_profile_option_values as of timestamp to_date(....) Where ...). Best bet is to check last_updated_date and last_updated_by to see if anyone has changed it.


                3) Registering MOAC is at the application level, however it is possible that someone has done something at resp level, either by modifying the profile assigned, or my modifying the actual MOAC profile definition.