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    Action Links not working when sent in email via Agent




      I'm trying to set up an agent to send a scheduled report via email, preferably directly in the message as HTML.


      My report has a field with action links to a website, with a parameter based on hidden column (e.g. field "Product Name" with interaction set to http://website.com/id?=@{1} with 1 parameter set to hidden column "Product ID").


      When the email is sent, the action link does not work - instead, it looks something like this, with the "Product Name" unlinked, the Link Text displayed next to it linking to an unidentified address:*uyQkAAAOD3MdOMkOXncV8hQlb-rNwXlaXN059e4Jv5qNRiMsUadaOX8I7uxlvIvY2dqYbV59ECdueXaTh8*SoUTpkfu119Fw47HJd1kW9FClYcUSau2DayxzdLy7LelR1mknRBkaBpnhcxkkp7IGvpkNkjPs26Xk1PLourWzu*H8Z*B9Ew46OuI2Nwn6lm-63udQZ2cQgssvmbcEdvWc1yC6-JydLB5zSDVBHTiynrkHvo6NhWXejYxlnp-0JI8mDfChtxajrjAq9C3hzE9sX1*kqM2HHDxIfF65BV-SsMFJpPVDplQbP6iKH9kZDJCunYMXm3pyOs*rNv3ixIDDFEFpTXpeS3hrfQfMmxBpxZKUPZWz6NkoswnIeu5USTJZ0hQgCKD5sMVuiLbart-kN8eMjljhHUOJT9plpVQzAvI4Yc0ZAiHxNHQ26g2hQC0hrfYflcad9WHMwLtau3JpDojdUQFXLxlPb8LPCowS-2FG7mqpsbB7NZjTmu9ybKl0S4Ss0-q9CgPg


      Product A Link Text
      Product B Link Text


      When sent via Excel or PDF, the broken Link Text goes away and it is just the Product Name field, but no link.


      Can I get the field to display and link by itself correctly in the email as it does when accessed directly via web?