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    Form Personalization: How to Disable Blocks




      Can anyone suggest me an approach to disable a block in a particular form.

      For example:

      In the Invoice Workbench form, there are several blocks for header (INV_SUM_FOLDER), lines (LINE_SUM_FOLDER), Scheduled Payments(PAYMENT_SCHEDULE) etc.

      Now, I need to make the entire form Read-only except the 'Scheduled Payments' block.


      Please suggest.



      1) I tried by adding a form personalization with Trigger Event: WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE

      2) Added Action type with Property "INSERT_ALLOWED and UPDATE_ALLOWED" as FALSE for all the blocks except Scheduled Payments

      3) All the blocks become read only, and I am able to update 'Scheduled Payment', but while Saving it is trying to update all other blocks also and hence giving error.