4.2EA - Export output taking x100 more time than in previous version

Ramiro T.



    I've installed the 4.2EA version of SQL Developer, and I've noticed that is somewhat slower executing Inserts and running some scripts. Nevertheless, there's a HUGE difference in the speed of the export functionality.


    Steps to reproduce

    1. In a SQL Worksheet, execute a query that returns at least a couple of hundred records

    2. In the output, right click => Export

    3. Export is very slow, taking a couple of seconds to export each record. I've tested export as Insert and also as Excel.

    4. If I do the same in a previous version of SQL Developer (eg. 4.1.3), it takes just a couple of seconds to export ALL the records


    EDIT: I'm running SQL Developer in Windows10 / 64bit / Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_101


    Hope you can fix this before release.