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    shared APPL TOP implementation in eBS 12.2.4


      We are currently using EBS 12.2.4, in multi nodes, without shared APPL TOP,

      We want to implement the shared APPL TOP, and we have some questions about it:
        1) What are the NFS mounting options to implement the shared appl top?

                During one of our tests, we have encountered performance issues, potentially related to NFS.
                So we would like to know the options that need to be set to limit these performance issues.
        2) In 12.1.3, the INST_TOP was stored locally on each server. In 12.2.4, you advise to put it on the shared NFS.

                Is it really the good practice in 12.2.4?
                Do you know the impacts that it can have on performances?
        3) We already follow the following note :  Sharing The Application Tier File System in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1375769.1

      and identified the following mount options for NFS: <Moderator Edit - deleted contents of MOS Doc>
             Are they the right options for shared APPL_TOP for application tier on Linux?

      thanks a lot for any feedback

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