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    "Output variables - Log" Issue when trying to view a REFCURSOR of a user defined type




      In a package, I have a function to retrieve a list of records in a refcursor.

      The records are of type "user defined type"


      When I execute this function, the output variables log shows that my <Return Value> --> value

      as one column of my_user_defined_type(columnA, columnB, ...)


      The values displayed are "oracle.jdbc.proxy.oracle$1proxy$1NullProxy$2java$1sql$2Struct$$$Proxy@<an hexadecimal value per record>


      I work with:

      SQL DEV version 4.1.3

      Oracle 11r2


      I know it works if i don't used the user defined type.


      Here is the code:


      Function retrieve_list  return ref cursor


        Type t_ref_cursor is ref cursor

        v_ref_cursor t_ref_cursor


        open  v_ref_cursor  for

         select my_user_defined_type (columnA, columnB)

         from table zzz;


      return v_ref_cursor ;




      Any help on how I could get the Output Variable - Log to display my results?