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    OBI standard edition license doubts


      Dear Experts, I would like to kindly ask you about the terms for the use of additional data source in OBI. Consider the following record documentation of Oracle white paper:


      "The data sources for BI Server and Business Intelligence Publisher are limited to the Oracle Database Standard Edition One included in the Business Intelligence Standard Edition One license, one additional database, and any number of flat file sources such as XML, and XLS. You may use Oracle Warehouse Builder Core ETL to pull data from any number of data sources but you must use only the included Oracle Database Standard Edition One as the target database."


      Does it mean that I cannot use on additional database (mentioned above) as a golden source? - where all disparate sources are stored

      Do I have to change all ETLs to feed only the database that is included as a target?

      Whether is it defined from how many sources - mentioned in white peaper - additional database can be feed?


      Best regards.