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    Maintenance of R12 Vision Instance Installed in Windows 7 OS

    Pawan Shetty

      Hi Friends,


               I am managed to install R12.1.1 Vision Instance on my Laptop over Oracle VM Box. I have installed Windows 7 on VMBox and Oracle Apps on top of it. My intention is to use this instance to learn both Technical and Functional Aspects of Oracle Apps. The problem that I am facing is that I keep crashing either my OS or the EBiz instance itself within a few days after its installation. I do not have much knowledge maintaining the Server as of now. So, if I have to shutdown Apps Server, I just shutdown my Windows 7 OS on VMBox. This causes a lot of problems sometimes. My concurrent manager was not working recently and I had to do the installation fresh. It is really frustrating to install Apps from scratch everytime something goes wrong. It would be really helpful to me if someone can tell me the exact steps to be followed to properly shutdown and startup Oracle Apps Instance in Windows. I think if I manage to shutdown the server before shutting down my OS, then my instance would not crash so much often. Thanks in advance.