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    How to use Import Format DRCRSplit?


      Hi there,


      I previously have posted a discussion about how to load 2 source files amount columns into 1 target amount column: How to load 2 Amount columns


      So my source file is like this:



      My co-worker told me DRCRsplit can help with load Debit and Credit into one Amount column.




      So i tried use DRCRSplit on Amount column in Import Format, and since my debit column is column 13 and credit column is 14, I set the Field number as 13 and in DRCRSplit i gave 13(my understanding is 13 and 13's left will be debit, 14 is on 13's right so it will be credit.)


      However, it seems like no matter which number i gave to DSDCSplit, it  just loads the data in field number (which is 13 here), so there is only one record is loaded (because for the second record, column 13 doesn't has number so system just skip it).


      Did i understand this function wrong? I can not really figure out how this DRCRSplit works. Any body could help?


      Thanks in advance!!