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    Calling API outside eBS


      Hi, I like to create an API that can be called from a webservice using a database adapter. However, we do not want to provide APPS user and password to the adapter, but create a custom user.

      Now the API selects from several FND objects and also submits FND_REQUEST, waits for the request using FND_CONCURRENT, etc. How do I set this up? I can grant execute on my API to a new database user, but would I also have to grant execute / select on all underlying objects (which may be quite extensive since I'm also calling stuff like FND_REQUEST, FND_GLOBAL, MO_GLOBAL, etc)?


      Any thoughts?

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          Hi Pam,


          What we usually do is creating a custom user that has access to some custom APIs that do all kinds of tasks like initialization, submitting requests, calling Oracle APIs (like Inventory, Receivables, etc.) and other stuff.

          The custom user only owns synonyms referencing the custom APIs, which in turn are created in the APPS schema.




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            Just tested, it's enough to grant only the top package (and not all underlying objects) if you give execute rights :-). So that works perfectly.